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digital therapeutic cross-product profile tab

Designing an accessible and simplified profile tab for patients with schizophrenia symptoms. Rebranding has been done due to NDA.

Project overview

Patients with schizophrenia who use Glide struggle to navigate the profile tab and have difficulty finding the information they need

With user-testing, competitive analysis, and scientific guidance, we made enhancements to the IA to clarify information and make navigation easier. We also explored future vision areas that were discovered.


May - July 2023


UX Designer


Figma, Savvy (patient interviews)


Jeff B - UX Design Lead
Noe S - UX Research

Jon M - Design Director

Cindy G - UX Design

Sally S - UX Research


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Problem Statement

The profile tab is inconsistent across different apps produced by the same company. For our schizophrenia product, the profile tab has been more of an afterthought. This has specifically posed challenges for users having trouble navigating their profile and accessing important information. 



To identify a solution for the profile tab that can be applied across all digital therapeutics developed by the company.

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Summarizing findings

After meeting with design leads across different products, I also met with privacy and regulatory teams to gather a list of clinical and commercial requirements

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Competitive analysis and finding solutions

I looked at competitive apps in the healthcare field and started ideating solutions to tackle the challenges our patients were experiencing

*Hover over the slideshow to pause and read (:

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Brainstorming solutions with the team

Having all designers brainstorm was pivotal for this project, as our goal was to achieve a cross-product profile tab that addresses the needs of different populations including patients with schizophrenia, depression, and migraine, amongst others. 


I held a design session to drive the project into a design that was the most accessible for our diverse patient population.

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testing interactions with patients with schizophrenia

We ran two rounds of testing with a total of 17 patients. 

01 Testing the existing design to evaluate the response of our population + testing the concept of avatars (for our commercial efforts)

02 Testing an iterated design to evaluate patient response to language and navigation improvements

Screenshot 2023-12-14 145842.png

I moderated four interviews and was the notetaker for five interviews which helped me connect and learn about patients with schizophrenia, understand their thought process, technical literacy, what they find important, and their day-to-day needs. 

Screens have been removed from this picture due to NDA. Here you can see our notetaking screen by screen as we walked the user through the prototype.

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Final Proposals

After finishing the second round of user interviews, I dedicated time to analyzing patient feedback and determining if our initial hypotheses were supported. Here is a collection of proposals I created.

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