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I am designing the administrator dashboard and design system for an electric vehicle renting company.

Project overview

This is an ongoing project where I worked with RideEV, an electric vehicle renting company to develop the administrator user interface. 


January 2023 - Present


UX/UI Lead


Mustaf A - Project Manager

John M - Front-end Developer

Cindy G - UX Design




The challenge

RideEV is simultaneously developing an electric vehicle renting platform and an electric vehicle charging station finder. We were gathering requirements for the user interface, but we still didn't have a design system or a UI developed to push these two products to the market.

I started with a generalized list of requirements and was provided with an initial ideation of the design system.

Expanding requirements and organizing information

I jumped to whimsical to expand on the list of requirements, start ideating user flows, and organize requirements screen by screen. During this process I met with the developers and project manager to ensure that we were moving in the right track.

About1 (3).png
About1 (4).png

COmpetitive analysis

I studied renting vehicle companies to get a better a quick understanding into who uses the platform, what information they are looking at a glance, and how vehicle data is displayed.

About1 (5).png

Developing ideas

I met frequently with front-end developers to discuss the feasibility of each design and with the product manager to ensure that our new design system was in line with the company goals.

Here are some of my first mockups!


  • Limited resources

  • Small developing team

  • 2 months timeline

About1 (6).png
About1 (7).png

Refining ideas

After rounds of iterating thorough my designs, interviewing potential users, and expanding requirements, my team and I pinned down the final designs for our administration dashboard.

Vehicle Details

Vehicle Details - Profile.png

Administrator Dashboard

Vehicle Details - Dashboard.png

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Check back later on to see more of the work I have created
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